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The International Astronomical Union (IAU) – Imagine you’ve stumbled into an open clearing. It’s well past sunset, and the Moon is new – what do you see when you look up at the sky? Are there city lights? Stars? Can you spot any planets? The Milky Way? What do these views mean to you?

In alignment with UNESCO’s International Day of Light on 16 May, the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach is dedicating the entire month of May to Dark and Quiet Skies Awareness. The project raises awareness about the need to preserve dark and quiet skies, their importance for human culture, heritage, and health, as well as their use for astronomy research.

Using any medium you’d like, create a piece of art that describes what dark skies mean to you and your community. Three submissions will be randomly selected to win a BRESSER NANO AR-70/700 AZ Telescope, courtesy of Sterren Schitteren Voor Iedereen (Stars Shine For Everyone – SSVI). Winners will also have the chance to share their artwork during One Home, One Sky: A Seminar for the Protection of Dark and Quiet Skies (more details below).

The deadline to send in artwork is 24 May 2022 via this form. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via email.

You can read more about the contest’s eligibility, terms and conditions in this document.


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