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Full Moon

Spica 5.8S of Moon

Mercury 1.3S of Neptune

Moon at perigee


Antares 4.8S of Moon

Zero shadow day


Moon furthest South (-25.4)

Occultation of Moon and Kaus Borealis

Last Quarter

Pluto 2.2N of Moon

Saturn 3.8N of Moon

Jupiter 4.2N of Moon


Neptune 3.9N of Moon


Mercury 2.7N of Moon

New Moon

Venus 2.6N of Moon

Crescent observation Ramadan 1442

Uranus 2.3N of Moon

Moon at apogee


Aldebaran 5.4S of Moon

Mars 0.1N of Moon Occn

Moon Immersion of Mars ( 1.5mag) Position angle=80.5Β°

Occultation of Moon and Mars

Moon Emersion of Mars ( 1.5mag) Position Angle=290.3Β°

Occultation of Moon and Mars

Moon furthest North (25.5)

Mercury superior conjunction

Pollux 3.2N of Moon

First Quarter


2021 Lyrids Meteor Shower Camp

Lyrids Meteor Shower (Peak)

Regulus 4.6S of Moon

2021 Lyrids Meteor Shower Camp

Venus 0.2S of Uranus

Mercury 0.7N of Uranus

Mercury 1.2N of Venus

Spica 5.8S of Moon

Full Moon

Moon at perigee

Pluto stationary

Antares 4.7S of Moon

Uranus at conjunction

Moon furthest South (-25.6)

Pluto 2.3N of Moon

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