PABD Membership is applied to residents of Negara Brunei Darussalam. Membership of PABD is divided into four:

1. Ordinary Member (18 years old and above)
2. Student Member (Below 18 years old)
3. Corporate Member
4. Honorary Member

Registration Fees and Other Fees

Registration Fees and Annual Fees are as follows:

Membership Registration Fees (One Time) Annual Fees
(a) Ordinary B$15.00 B$15.00
(b) Student B$5.00 B$5.00
(c) Corporate To be determined by the Executive Committee Members To be determined by the Executive Committee Members
(d) Honorary B$50.00 Exempted


You can join the Persatuan Astronomi Negara Brunei Darussalam. The annual fees for Active Member are BND15 per year for ordinary and BND5 per year for students. The membership application for the active Member is considered complete once the member pays the registration and annual fees to the Treasurer General. Active Member can represent the society in the national and international activity such as meetings and conferences as well as media interviews. In addition, Active Member will have special benefits during society’s activity.

Every member will receive an official PABD membership card:

Further information about membership PABD and regulations of the association may be referred to the Constitution of Brunei Darussalam Astronomical Society.


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