Telescopes for All Brunei Darussalam

Inspiring Stars & Stars Shine for Everyone Collaboration

Telescopes for All project is based on the idea that all children in special education and vulnerable people should have the opportunity to admire the starry sky with the help of a telescope.

This year (2020), the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in collaboration with the Belgian initiative Sterren Schitteren voor Iedereen (Stars Shine for Everyone) and Leiden University/Universe Awareness (UNAWE) will distribute 12 telescopes to underserved communities around the world.

The telescopes were signed by astronauts and scientists including three Nobel Prize winners, with the help of The SSVI project is a cooperation between Volkssterrenwacht A.Pien vzw (Public Observatory Armand Pien) and Ghent University.

You can get one of those telescopes & help to bring astronomy to the local community in Brunei Darussalam! If you want to participate, reach out to Brunei National Outreach Coordinator (NOC) and present your proposal to request an endorsement (see below).

The main goal of the programme is to broaden the horizons of children, parents and educators alike, sparking an interest in science and raising awareness for equal opportunities for pursuing a career in astronomy. IAU encourages applications related to our IAU Global Outreach Events for 2020 in which the IAU endorses best practices for inclusive astronomy outreach.

Priority will be given to activities that tackle gender equality and take underrepresented and underserved groups into account. The IAU National Outreach Coordinators are also eligible to participate.


Submit one (1) paragraph (max 300 words) describing how and where you would use the telescope to inspire underserved children in Brunei Darussalam with astronomy via online form or e-mail send it to with the subject line: Telescopes for All 2020. The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2020.


Submissions are considered based on: 

(1) creativity (if your proposal is original, or has an original component to it), 
(2) impact (how will affect the communities it will be implemented)
(3) sustainability (if you will continue to use the telescope beyond and how); 

The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2020.
Winners will be announced by May 15, 2020. 

The Telescopes

The telescope is a refractor Bresser 90/900 and will be delivered with a special mount, custom-made by ATM group β€œkijkerbouw VSRUG” (Ghent Belgium) for the project SSVI. The equipment comes complete with telescope tube, viewfinder, zenith prism, one accompanying eyepiece plΓΆssl 25mm and the mount. This telescope can be used to observe the Moon, the planets of our Solar System, some of their moons, and the most bright Messier objects (for example the Orion Nebula, globular clusters and binary stars). A sun filter is also included.


Notes on Shipping

Winners will be sent a telescope (in one single package) with a tracking number. Information about the educational value of the telescope will be included. The recipient of the telescope will be responsible for any local expenses (like customs taxes). It is not possible to resend the telescope, so accurate address and contact phone number should be provided.


Stars Shine for Everyone Project, is a cooperation between Volkssterrenwacht A.Pien vzw and Ghent University.

The telescopes are BRESSER MESSIER AR-90/900, donated by BRESSER with a self-build assembly by ‘Kijkerbouw’.

”Sterren Schitteren Voor Iedereen” is carried by the Amateur Telescope Making group (Kijkerbouw) of the UGent Public Observatory Armand Pien.

Belgian astronauts DIRK FRIMOUT and FRANK DE WINNE parented the project SSVI and S4G.