Borneo Bulletin | July 18, 2019 by Khairil Hassan

THE scene was set during the wee hours of yesterday morning for Bruneians to witness one of astronomy’s rarest phenomena, the clear skies providing a magnificent view of the much-anticipated partial lunar eclipse.

The partial lunar eclipse. – HAZARRY BIN HAJI ALI AHMAD

The cosmic spectacle occurred just before the Moon set, when our natural satellite was partially covered by Earth’s shadow.

A total of 9,306 viewers watched the live Facebook feed provided by the Astronomical Society of Brunei Darussalam (PABD), broadcast from the Mini Observatory in Kampong Keriam, Tutong District.

The penumbral lunar eclipse started around 3.42am while the partial lunar eclipse began at 4.01am, when the Moon was seen engulfed by the Sun’s shadow.

At 4.40am, half the Moon was already blocked, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 5.30am, the point at which 65 per cent of the Moon was covered.

The next lunar eclipse is on June 21, 2020. But Bruneians and people in the region need not wait that long to see another stunning sight in the skies; a partial solar eclipse is expected on December 26 this year.

The Partial Lunar Eclipse shot at STKRJ Kampong Lambak Kiri at 5.30am. – KHAIRIL HASSAN

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