When is the Best Time to See the Milky Way from Brunei?

Mr Yong Kim Sin photographed the starry Milky Way last night, August 8, 2020, at around 9:15 pm above Luagan Lalak, Labi in Belait, Brunei Darussalam. (Fujifilm X-H1 10mm f4.0 ISO 3200 60sec)

Our Solar System is located in a barred spiral galaxy. If you look to the centre of the galaxy (top left of the above picture), you will find a higher density of stars and gas clouds, which is called the galactic core. You can see this galactic core and milky way even with the naked eye if you are in a dark enough place. It looks like a starry faint, milky band in the sky.

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2015 Mac 22 Galaksi Bimasakti dari Brunei

Galaksi Bimasakti oleh Ismani Ismail
Galaksi Bimasakti oleh Ismani Ismail

Oleh Ismani Ismail

Satu ‘hunting’ milkyway telah pun dibuat dan dilaksanakan oleh saya serta rakan-rakan fotografer dari ‘Brunei Landscapiers’ seawal jam 0100Hrs. Alhamdulillah, cuaca yang berawan pada mulanya kian beransur cerah dan menampakkan keindahan jutaan bintang atau galaksi ciptaanNya…

Lokasi : Kawasan Padi Junjongan
Tarikh : 22 Mac 2015
Jam : 0258Hrs
Gear : Nikon D300s | Tokina 11-16mm | Tripod | Shutter Cable
Exif : f/2.8 | 11mm | ISO-1600 | Shutterspeed 30 sec