Hereโ€™s our cosmic idea for school holiday activities – Lunar Crescent Marathon!

Go out to look for the daily changing moon crescent in early morning, before sunrise, on May 27 until Jun 02 2019 for the Waning and Old Crescent in the Eastern sky. Continue your observation on evening of June 04 until June 10 2019, shortly after sunset, for the New and Waxing Crescent in the Western sky.

Watch for the gorgeous moon glow due to Earthshine on 31 May and 05 June 2019. Most challenging – you may need an optical aids such as telescope or binoculars to spot the slender old Moon crescent on Sunday, 02 Jun 2019 and young thin crescent on Tuesday, 04 Jun 2019. These charts will help you to locate the daily position of the Moon crescent in the sky.

Use our e-Falak online apps:
1. Sun and Moon rise and set timetable
2. Live position of the celestial bodies from BSB, Brunei Darussalam

Please collect and share your ๐Ÿ“ธ pictures of the Moon Crescent on our Facebook or Instagram.

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