2008 Jul 22 Jupiter on Target at Sidewalk Astronomy

Sidewalk Astronomy at the Yayasan Complex, BSB in July 2008.

Bandar Seri Begawan – With a bit of luck on the weather, PABD had managed to organise a sidewalk astronomy at the Yayasan SHHB in the capital on the evening of July 22.

It had attracted many passing-by night market buyers. The excellent weather condition had made viewing Jupiter a breath-taking experience for many visitors.

“I thought that bright star is an artificial satellite.” said one of the visitor who now had witnessed the giant planet. Along side of Jupiter were the four major satellites or moons which was clearly visible through a 100mm Orion reflector telescope.

Present at the event was PABD’s Vice President, Ustaz Hj Johar bin Mohammad. The sidewalk astronomy will continue on every clear evening until 31st July 2008.

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