Watch Online Live Stream the Rare Transit of Mercury on November 11, 2019

Transit of Venus from Brunei Darussalam on June 8, 2004 (Photo by Pg Shahdani of PABD). The planet disk or silhouette during the transit of Mercury will be smaller than Venus as seen from the Earth.

Bandar Seri Begawan – The planet Mercury will transit in front of the sun on 11 November and ends on 12 November (Brunei Time). The passage will take for a total of 5h 28m 48s and will be visible from America, Europe, Africa and Western Asia. The phenomenon will not be visible from South East Asia including Brunei Darussalam and Australia.

Planet transit takes place in stages and the followings are the key time of contacts (Brunei Time) :
I (first external contact of Mercury with the Sun’s disk): 20h 35m 26s
II (first internal contact of Mercury with the solar disk) : 20h 37m 08s
Greatest (distance between the planet’s disk and the sun’s centre at minimum): 23h 19m 48s
III (last internal contact): 2h 02m 33s
IV (last external contact): 2h 04m 14s

Mercury transit happens about 13 or 14 per century, and this is the last one for 13 years. The next one is on November 12, 2032.

These are the live video streaming links:

Link 1:…/watch-live-mercury-parades-between-ea…

Link 2:

Link 3:

Link 4:

Past and future transit of the inner planets visible from Brunei Darussalam (1901 – 2100):

Transit Date Visible from Brunei Darussalam
Transit of Mercury Saturday 7 November 1914
Transit of Mercury Thursday 8 May 1924
Transit of Mercury Thursday 10 November 1927
Partial Transit of Mercury Tuesday 11 May 1937
Transit of Mercury Tuesday 12 November 1940
Transit of Mercury Monday 6 May 1957
Transit of Mercury Saturday 9 May 1970
Transit of Mercury Saturday 10 November 1973
Transit of Mercury Thursday 13 November 1986
Transit of Mercury Saturday 6 November 1993
Transit of Mercury Tuesday 16 November 1999
Transit of Mercury Wednesday 7 May 2003
Transit of Venus Tuesday 8 June 2004
Transit of Mercury Thursday 9 November 2006
Transit of Venus Wednesday 6 June 2012
Transit of Mercury Saturday 13 November 2032
Transit of Mercury Monday 7 November 2039
Transit of Mercury Saturday 9 November 2052
Transit of Mercury Thursday 11 May 2062
Transit of Mercury Thursday 12 November 2065
Transit of Mercury Monday 9 May 2095
Transit of Mercury Monday 10 November 2098

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