Planet Conjunction

In astronomy, a conjunction occurs when two astronomical objects have either the same right ascension or the same ecliptic longitude, usually as observed from Earth. Close pairing or conjunctions involving the Moon happen frequently. As it circles the Earth once a month , the Moon passes each of the planets in the sky.

A lunar occultation happens when the moon moves in front of a star or planet. If the occulted body is covered up by just the outer edge of the moon’s disk, the occultation is called a grazing occultation. During a grazing occultation the occulted body will vanish behind lunar mountains and reappear behind lunar valleys as the moon moves by.

These are the list of planetary conjunctions and occultations visible from Brunei for Year 2001-2051

Friday 25. January 2002
1.2h Moon “Close to Saturn, -0.1mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=173.4, h=19.7”

Saturday 23. February 2002
2.4h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.5mag Separation=4.5 deg, PA=96.4, h=5.0”

Wednesday 20. March 2002
17.5h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.1mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=157.1, h=73.2”

Tuesday 16. April 2002
21.2h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.2mag Separation=3.8 deg, PA=89.2, h=5.0”

Tuesday 14. May 2002
20.0h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.7mag Separation=3.8 deg, PA=73.8, h=5.0”

Thursday 5. December 2002
10h58.4m Moon “Immersion of Mercury, -0.6mag PA=156.4, h=47.8 (dark limb)”

Thursday 29. May 2003
Time Object Event
12.3h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=142.8, h=65.9”

Wednesday 16. July 2003
22.0h Moon “Close to Mars, -1.9mag Separation=7.4 deg, PA=65.2, h=5.0”

Tuesday 7. October 2003
1.6h Moon “Close to Mars, -1.9mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=325.9, h=28.3”

Sunday 26. October 2003
18.8h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=4.8 deg, PA=105.9, h=5.0”

Tuesday 25. November 2003
9.5h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.5mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=24.6, h=27.0”

Thursday 25. March 2004
21.9h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.4mag Separation=4.8 deg, PA=84.0, h=5.0”

Tuesday 9. November 2004
4.1h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -1.8mag Separation=8.7 deg, PA=125.0, h=5.0”

Wednesday 10. November 2004
8h07.3m Moon “Immersion of Venus, -4.0mag PA=101.2, h=60.8 (bright limb)”
9h21.8m Moon “Emersion of Venus, -4.0mag PA=356.5, h=77.1 (dark limb)”

Sunday 14. November 2004
8.9h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.3mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=25.2, h=16.4”

Tuesday 7. December 2004
2.5h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -1.9mag Separation=6.8 deg, PA=122.5, h=5.0”

Tuesday 4. January 2005
10.4h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.0mag Separation=0.7 deg, PA=33.3, h=31.4”

Sunday 30. January 2005
23.2h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.2mag Separation=7.7 deg, PA=114.4, h=5.0”

Saturday 23. April 2005
1.4h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.4mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=41.6, h=54.0”

Friday 20. May 2005
2.8h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.3mag Separation=2.3 deg, PA=100.2, h=5.0”

Wednesday 13. July 2005
23.3h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.0mag Separation=2.0 deg, PA=87.6, h=5.0”

Wednesday 7. September 2005
16.3h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.0mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=44.7, h=63.2”

Monday 24. April 2006
3.9h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.2mag Separation=7.4 deg, PA=55.3, h=5.0”

Thursday 27. July 2006
20.1h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.8mag Separation=3.2 deg, PA=124.2, h=5.0”

Thursday 7. September 2006
23.1h Moon “Close to Uranus, 5.7mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=317.1, h=69.5”

Thursday 21. September 2006
6.0h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=5.8 deg, PA=115.0, h=5.0”

Wednesday 29. November 2006
0.6h Moon “Close to Uranus, 5.8mag Separation=0.1 deg, PA=149.2, h=1.0”

Sunday 7. January 2007
4.3h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.2mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=223.3, h=69.7”

Saturday 20. January 2007
19.5h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=3.4 deg, PA=60.8, h=5.0”

Friday 2. March 2007
5.0h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.0mag Separation=3.2 deg, PA=122.4, h=5.0”

Tuesday 22. May 2007
23.6h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.5mag Separation=2.5 deg, PA=119.1, h=5.0”

Tuesday 19. June 2007
16.8h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.5mag Separation=0.4 deg, PA=222.5, h=75.1”

Monday 16. July 2007
20.3h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=5.3 deg, PA=110.1, h=5.0”

Monday 13. August 2007
18.6h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=2.0 deg, PA=94.0, h=5.0”

Monday 10. September 2007
10.2h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=0.5 deg, PA=42.4, h=71.5”

Monday 24. December 2007
6.2h Moon “Close to Mars, -1.6mag Separation=3.3 deg, PA=104.9, h=5.0”

Wednesday 9. January 2008
18.9h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.9mag Separation=2.7 deg, PA=70.0, h=5.0”

Wednesday 5. March 2008
5.3h Moon “Close to Mercury, 0.1mag Separation=6.5 deg, PA=61.1, h=5.0”
5.4h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=8.4 deg, PA=64.1, h=5.0”

Monday 1. December 2008
20.8h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.1mag Separation=2.1 deg, PA=97.7, h=5.0”

Monday 29. December 2008
9h52.8m Moon “Immersion of Mercury, -0.7mag PA=120.4, h=28.0 (dark limb)”

Monday 26. January 2009
13h21.1m Moon “Immersion of Jupiter, -1.9mag PA=328.4, h=62.2 (bright limb)”
13h32.0m Moon “Emersion of Jupiter, -1.9mag PA=315.8, h=60.9 (dark limb)”

Sunday 22. February 2009
5.4h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.1mag Separation=8.7 deg, PA=71.4, h=5.0”

Monday 23. February 2009
6h49.4m Moon “Immersion of Jupiter, -2.0mag PA=122.7, h=23.3 (bright limb)”
7h40.0m Moon “Emersion of Jupiter, -2.0mag PA=197.8, h=34.9 (dark limb)”

Wednesday 22. April 2009
4.5h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.5mag Separation=7.0 deg, PA=65.7, h=5.0”

Sunday 16. May 2010
19h33.5m Moon “Immersion of Venus, -4.0mag PA=102.1, h=13.7 (dark limb)”
20h34.2m Moon “Emersion of Venus, -4.0mag PA=288.8, h=-0.1 (bright limb)”

Thursday 30. June 2011
16h54.7m Moon “Immersion of Venus, -3.9mag PA=93.8, h=9.4 (bright limb)”

Wednesday 27. July 2011
3.9h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.4mag Separation=8.2 deg, PA=90.6, h=5.0”

Friday 28. October 2011
8h08.0m Moon “Immersion of Mercury, -0.3mag PA=45.7, h=11.3 (dark limb)”

Sunday 15. July 2012
12.7h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.1mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=185.1, h=35.6”

Sunday 12. August 2012
2h19.5m Moon “Immersion of Jupiter, -2.3mag PA=45.8, h=10.9 (bright limb)”
3h18.8m Moon “Emersion of Jupiter, -2.3mag PA=286.3, h=24.7 (dark limb)”

Monday 13. August 2012
3.5h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.3mag Separation=9.1 deg, PA=100.2, h=5.0”

Saturday 8. September 2012
0.4h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.4mag Separation=7.3 deg, PA=83.9, h=5.0”

Wednesday 19. September 2012
21.0h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.2mag Separation=4.3 deg, PA=96.2, h=5.0”

Saturday 6. October 2012
5.3h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.6mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=3.1, h=67.8”

Wednesday 28. November 2012
18.8h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.8mag Separation=5.5 deg, PA=80.8, h=5.0”

Wednesday 26. December 2012
4.2h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.8mag Separation=2.6 deg, PA=78.0, h=5.0”

Tuesday 22. January 2013
2.3h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.6mag Separation=4.6 deg, PA=80.1, h=5.0”

Monday 18. February 2013
20.4h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.4mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=358.8, h=61.6”

Sunday 8. September 2013
20.4h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.1mag Separation=4.4 deg, PA=97.1, h=5.0”

Sunday 1. December 2013
5.6h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.7mag Separation=10.0 deg, PA=100.2, h=5.1”

Sunday 29. December 2013
8.3h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=1.0 deg, PA=20.1, h=67.0”

Saturday 25. January 2014
1.9h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=8.4 deg, PA=97.2, h=5.0”

Saturday 22. February 2014
6.2h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.5mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=15.3, h=67.1”

Wednesday 26. February 2014
14.9h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.6mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=160.8, h=9.2”

Wednesday 16. April 2014
20.5h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.2mag Separation=8.0 deg, PA=98.2, h=5.0”

Monday 4. August 2014
18.1h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=22.3, h=69.5”

Sunday 31. August 2014
22.3h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=2.9 deg, PA=102.5, h=5.0”

Sunday 28. September 2014
11.4h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=202.0, h=31.3”

Saturday 25. October 2014
19.1h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=3.1 deg, PA=111.4, h=5.0”

Sunday 25. January 2015
20.9h Moon “Close to Uranus, 5.9mag Separation=0.7 deg, PA=159.5, h=29.9”

Friday 12. June 2015
3.3h Moon “Close to Uranus, 5.9mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=337.4, h=16.1”

Thursday 8. October 2015
3.6h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.5mag Separation=9.2 deg, PA=103.7, h=5.0”

Sunday 11. October 2015
5.5h Moon “Close to Mercury, 0.3mag Separation=5.2 deg, PA=102.6, h=5.0”

Monday 7. December 2015
Time Object Event
3.8h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.2mag Separation=7.7 deg, PA=110.5, h=5.0”

Saturday 9. July 2016
17.8h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -1.9mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=32.6, h=70.0”

Thursday 4. August 2016
19.7h Moon “Close to Mercury, 0.0mag Separation=4.9 deg, PA=96.8, h=5.0”

Saturday 6. August 2016
9h07.1m Moon “Immersion of Jupiter, -1.8mag PA=111.2, h=3.1 (dark limb)”
10h12.5m Moon “Emersion of Jupiter, -1.8mag PA=284.8, h=19.4 (bright limb)”

Friday 2. September 2016
19.1h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -1.7mag Separation=5.5 deg, PA=108.2, h=5.0”

Tuesday 3. January 2017
12h56.5m Moon “Immersion of Mars, 0.9mag PA=41.5, h=37.7 (dark limb)”

Tuesday 25. July 2017
19.0h Moon “Close to Mercury, 0.3mag Separation=0.5 deg, PA=201.8, h=18.7”

Monday 18. September 2017
5.5h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.8mag Separation=9.1 deg, PA=108.4, h=5.0”
7.4h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=0.2 deg, PA=15.1, h=42.7”

Friday 16. February 2018
18.8h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=3.1 deg, PA=67.8, h=5.0”

Saturday 8. September 2018
5.9h Moon “Close to Mercury, -1.3mag Separation=9.8 deg, PA=111.3, h=5.0”

Thursday 31. January 2019
3.8h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.3mag Separation=7.9 deg, PA=97.2, h=5.0”

Tuesday 5. February 2019
16h45.5m Moon “Immersion of Mercury, -1.3mag PA=11.3, h=29.1 (dark limb)”
17h37.5m Moon “Emersion of Mercury, -1.3mag PA=295.9, h=17.0 (bright limb)”

Friday 1. March 2019
3.5h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=9.1 deg, PA=88.5, h=5.0”

Thursday 25. April 2019
0.1h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.5mag Separation=9.0 deg, PA=83.5, h=5.0”

Thursday 23. May 2019
8.2h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.3mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=345.2, h=19.7”

Tuesday 18. June 2019
20.4h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.2mag Separation=6.2 deg, PA=82.6, h=5.0”

Sunday 8. September 2019
23.1h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.4mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=348.1, h=39.8”

Saturday 5. October 2019
23.9h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.5mag Separation=2.9 deg, PA=82.9, h=5.0”

Saturday 2. November 2019
13.9h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=8.1, h=40.7”

Friday 29. November 2019
20.6h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=4.7 deg, PA=77.3, h=5.0”

Thursday 26. December 2019
16h36.5m Moon “Immersion of Jupiter, -1.8mag PA=68.6, h=22.6 (dark limb)”
17h41.6m Moon “Emersion of Jupiter, -1.8mag PA=275.6, h=8.0 (bright limb)”

Thursday 23. January 2020
10.1h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -1.9mag Separation=0.7 deg, PA=5.1, h=59.1”

Tuesday 18. February 2020
3.1h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.2mag Separation=7.1 deg, PA=99.7, h=5.0”

Wednesday 19. February 2020
4.2h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.0mag Separation=9.6 deg, PA=82.4, h=5.0”

Wednesday 18. March 2020
2.6h Moon “Close to Mars, 0.9mag Separation=5.1 deg, PA=77.4, h=5.0”

Saturday 8. August 2020
22.9h Moon “Close to Mars, -1.3mag Separation=6.8 deg, PA=57.8, h=5.0”

Saturday 5. September 2020
21.5h Moon “Close to Mars, -1.9mag Separation=5.9 deg, PA=63.3, h=5.0”

Friday 2. October 2020
19.5h Moon “Close to Mars, -2.5mag Separation=6.7 deg, PA=58.3, h=5.0”

Saturday 12. December 2020
4.9h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.0mag Separation=10.0 deg, PA=113.1, h=5.0”

Saturday 17. April 2021
21h28.7m Moon “Immersion of Mars, 1.5mag PA=80.5, h=13.8 (dark limb)”
22h32.3m Moon “Emersion of Mars, 1.5mag PA=290.3, h=-0.6 (bright limb)”

Wednesday 12. May 2021
18.9h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=5.3 deg, PA=69.1, h=5.0”

Friday 31. December 2021
4.9h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.5mag Separation=9.9 deg, PA=99.2, h=5.0”

Friday 27. May 2022
10h57.3m Moon “Immersion of Venus, -4.0mag PA=62.0, h=72.6 (bright limb)”
12h40.9m Moon “Emersion of Venus, -4.0mag PA=215.9, h=47.2 (dark limb)”

Saturday 25. June 2022
4.8h Moon “Close to Uranus, 5.8mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=326.1, h=25.8”

Thursday 21. July 2022
1.3h Moon “Close to Mars, 0.3mag Separation=8.8 deg, PA=69.6, h=5.0”

Monday 24. October 2022
5.8h Moon “Close to Mercury, -1.1mag Separation=6.7 deg, PA=122.2, h=5.1”

Tuesday 8. November 2022
19.0h Moon “Close to Uranus, 5.6mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=149.0, h=13.7”

Thursday 24. November 2022
18.2h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.7mag Separation=2.9 deg, PA=82.5, h=5.0”

Tuesday 6. December 2022
3.2h Moon “Close to Uranus, 5.6mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=162.8, h=16.0”

Thursday 8. December 2022
6.0h Moon “Close to Mars, -1.9mag Separation=3.7 deg, PA=88.7, h=5.0”

Wednesday 22. March 2023
19.1h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.1mag Separation=5.1 deg, PA=61.7, h=5.0”

Friday 24. March 2023
20h04.5m Moon “Immersion of Venus, -4.0mag PA=137.3, h=9.6 (dark limb)”
20h32.6m Moon “Emersion of Venus, -4.0mag PA=186.7, h=2.8 (bright limb)”

Saturday 16. September 2023
19.1h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.7mag Separation=4.4 deg, PA=119.2, h=5.0”

Sunday 15. October 2023
18.3h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.6mag Separation=3.1 deg, PA=92.8, h=5.0”

Thursday 9. November 2023
3.5h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.3mag Separation=5.4 deg, PA=130.7, h=5.0”

Monday 11. March 2024
11.5h Moon “Close to Mercury, -1.3mag Separation=1.0 deg, PA=312.9, h=64.4”

Sunday 7. April 2024
5.8h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=7.7 deg, PA=59.6, h=5.0”

Friday 31. May 2024
1.5h Moon “Close to Saturn, 1.1mag Separation=6.5 deg, PA=56.0, h=5.0”

Thursday 25. July 2024
5.0h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.9mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=135.0, h=65.3”

Tuesday 20. August 2024
20.0h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.7mag Separation=6.5 deg, PA=61.1, h=5.0”

Tuesday 15. October 2024
3.6h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.7mag Separation=0.4 deg, PA=148.7, h=2.3”

Monday 11. November 2024
1.6h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.8mag Separation=4.6 deg, PA=67.1, h=5.0”

Sunday 8. December 2024
15h32.4m Moon “Immersion of Saturn, 1.0mag PA=19.3, h=48.4 (dark limb)”

Saturday 4. January 2025
22.1h Moon “Close to Saturn, 1.1mag Separation=2.2 deg, PA=83.6, h=5.0”

Tuesday 14. January 2025
6.5h Moon “Close to Mars, -1.4mag Separation=3.3 deg, PA=103.0, h=5.0”

Saturday 1. March 2025
12.4h Moon “Close to Mercury, -1.0mag Separation=0.5 deg, PA=311.8, h=71.9”

Sunday 29. June 2025
22.1h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.5mag Separation=5.5 deg, PA=114.3, h=5.0”

Friday 19. September 2025
4.8h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=5.8 deg, PA=125.2, h=5.0”

Monday 16. February 2026
6.5h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.2mag Separation=7.9 deg, PA=59.5, h=5.0”

Wednesday 17. June 2026
20.9h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.0mag Separation=4.1 deg, PA=107.7, h=5.0”

Tuesday 8. September 2026
4.6h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -1.8mag Separation=9.6 deg, PA=117.4, h=5.0”

Tuesday 3. November 2026
6h13.4m Moon “Immersion of Jupiter, -2.1mag PA=50.2, h=71.3 (bright limb)”
6h30.4m Moon “Emersion of Jupiter, -2.1mag PA=28.7, h=74.9 (bright limb)”

Saturday 7. November 2026
5.1h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.4mag Separation=5.6 deg, PA=110.1, h=5.0”

Friday 8. January 2027
15.4h Moon “Close to Mercury, -1.1mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=324.0, h=41.8”

Monday 8. February 2027
11.6h Moon “Close to Mercury, 0.3mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=321.1, h=57.2”

Friday 19. March 2027
16.0h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.5mag Separation=0.4 deg, PA=16.5, h=2.0”

Thursday 15. April 2027
22.9h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.3mag Separation=0.9 deg, PA=38.2, h=46.2”

Sunday 1. August 2027
5.9h Moon “Close to Mercury, -1.4mag Separation=7.0 deg, PA=111.2, h=5.0”

Monday 2. August 2027
13.9h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=0.5 deg, PA=38.5, h=61.5”

Tuesday 28. December 2027
18.5h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.8mag Separation=3.2 deg, PA=89.5, h=5.0”

Thursday 27. January 2028
18.9h Moon “Close to Mercury, 1.8mag Separation=3.5 deg, PA=59.6, h=5.0”

Wednesday 23. February 2028
6.5h Moon “Close to Mercury, 0.2mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=342.7, h=22.2”

Thursday 30. March 2028
10.5h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.4mag Separation=0.7 deg, PA=155.7, h=18.1”

Thursday 25. May 2028
14.6h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.0mag Separation=0.9 deg, PA=181.6, h=59.6”

Thursday 17. August 2028
4.1h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.6mag Separation=9.4 deg, PA=102.3, h=5.0”

Friday 15. September 2028
3.8h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.1mag Separation=9.0 deg, PA=107.6, h=5.0”

Sunday 11. February 2029
13.0h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.0mag Separation=0.7 deg, PA=143.2, h=49.5”

Thursday 11. October 2029
21.2h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.0mag Separation=2.2 deg, PA=87.4, h=5.0”

Thursday 22. November 2029
23.1h Moon “Close to Uranus, 5.5mag Separation=0.9 deg, PA=170.3, h=53.9”

Thursday 4. April 2030
19.3h Moon “Close to Mercury, 0.1mag Separation=2.5 deg, PA=96.7, h=5.0”

Monday 23. December 2030
5.5h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -1.8mag Separation=5.7 deg, PA=91.1, h=5.0”

Thursday 24. April 2031
20.3h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.2mag Separation=2.0 deg, PA=104.4, h=5.0”

Thursday 22. May 2031
12.2h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.1mag Separation=0.5 deg, PA=171.0, h=70.4”

Wednesday 18. June 2031
5.7h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.1mag Separation=8.0 deg, PA=87.9, h=5.0”

Tuesday 12. August 2031
2.5h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.2mag Separation=9.5 deg, PA=86.4, h=5.0”

Saturday 13. September 2031
4.0h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.5mag Separation=5.4 deg, PA=112.8, h=5.0”

Friday 17. October 2031
18.6h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.4mag Separation=2.3 deg, PA=100.1, h=5.0”

Sunday 9. May 2032
7.4h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=0.5 deg, PA=158.2, h=23.1”

Wednesday 1. December 2032
15.2h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.5mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=3.7, h=21.7”

Monday 27. December 2032
2.6h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.4mag Separation=7.0 deg, PA=101.8, h=5.0”

Thursday 23. June 2033
3.6h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.1mag Separation=6.0 deg, PA=77.9, h=5.0”

Sunday 20. November 2033
5.4h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.7mag Separation=4.7 deg, PA=109.7, h=5.0”

Wednesday 25. January 2034
16.2h Moon “Close to Mars, 0.9mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=328.2, h=84.1”

Tuesday 21. March 2034
19.3h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=3.8 deg, PA=67.5, h=5.0”

Sunday 14. May 2034
3.5h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.2mag Separation=8.7 deg, PA=74.1, h=5.0”

Sunday 11. June 2034
2.0h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.3mag Separation=5.6 deg, PA=71.3, h=5.0”

Thursday 31. August 2034
20.8h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.9mag Separation=7.7 deg, PA=69.2, h=5.0”

Tuesday 10. October 2034
5.4h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.8mag Separation=7.9 deg, PA=106.2, h=5.0”

Wednesday 25. October 2034
23.6h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.9mag Separation=0.4 deg, PA=150.1, h=72.8”

Wednesday 22. November 2034
2.2h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.7mag Separation=2.9 deg, PA=81.5, h=5.0”

Tuesday 19. December 2034
14.3h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.5mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=337.5, h=22.8”

Monday 15. January 2035
22.8h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.4mag Separation=2.6 deg, PA=63.3, h=5.0”

Sunday 2. September 2035
18.5h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=2.4 deg, PA=92.2, h=5.0”

Thursday 24. July 2036
19.4h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.5mag Separation=3.3 deg, PA=88.3, h=5.0”

Monday 18. August 2036
3.5h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.2mag Separation=6.6 deg, PA=86.7, h=5.0”

Wednesday 17. September 2036
9.4h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.1mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=199.7, h=78.1”

Thursday 18. September 2036
7h53.5m Moon “Emersion of Saturn, 0.6mag PA=273.3, h=50.9 (dark limb)”

Wednesday 15. October 2036
3.2h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.7mag Separation=8.0 deg, PA=107.5, h=5.0”

Wednesday 12. November 2036
7.6h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=0.4 deg, PA=209.0, h=80.9”

Monday 8. December 2036
23.8h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.5mag Separation=6.0 deg, PA=113.1, h=5.0”

Monday 2. February 2037
4.8h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.2mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=206.9, h=43.4”

Sunday 1. March 2037
5.5h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.1mag Separation=3.8 deg, PA=104.3, h=5.0”

Saturday 28. March 2037
17.9h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.3mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=193.1, h=30.3”

Friday 10. April 2037
12h16.2m Moon “Emersion of Mars, 0.9mag PA=256.3, h=31.0 (dark limb)”

Friday 22. May 2037
0.0h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.5mag Separation=4.7 deg, PA=108.9, h=5.0”

Wednesday 15. July 2037
16.9h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=0.4 deg, PA=207.9, h=53.6”

Saturday 31. October 2037
1h17.5m Moon “Immersion of Uranus, 5.5mag PA=53.1, h=27.5 (bright limb)”
2h21.5m Moon “Emersion of Uranus, 5.5mag PA=299.6, h=42.1 (dark limb)”

Thursday 26. November 2037
22.3h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.5mag Separation=8.4 deg, PA=100.5, h=5.0”

Wednesday 20. January 2038
23.2h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.7mag Separation=0.2 deg, PA=185.0, h=69.4”

Wednesday 3. February 2038
6.6h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.9mag Separation=6.3 deg, PA=80.9, h=5.0”

Monday 12. April 2038
21h58.3m Moon “Immersion of Uranus, 5.5mag PA=128.3, h=35.3 (dark limb)”
23h33.1m Moon “Immersion of Jupiter, -2.2mag PA=111.9, h=14.2 (dark limb)”

Tuesday 13. April 2038
0h31.3m Moon “Emersion of Jupiter, -2.2mag PA=276.4, h=0.7 (bright limb)”

Friday 24. December 2038
5.6h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.5mag Separation=8.9 deg, PA=105.8, h=5.0”

Monday 27. December 2038
17.4h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=0.7 deg, PA=342.8, h=27.4”

Saturday 22. January 2039
5.3h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.4mag Separation=8.1 deg, PA=91.7, h=5.0”

Friday 27. May 2039
11h16.1m Moon “Immersion of Venus, -4.3mag PA=73.0, h=25.1 (dark limb)”
12h47.0m Moon “Emersion of Venus, -4.3mag PA=270.4, h=45.3 (bright limb)”

Saturday 13. August 2039
1.6h Moon “Close to Mars, 0.6mag Separation=6.5 deg, PA=71.6, h=5.0”

Saturday 3. December 2039
21.3h Moon “Close to Mars, -1.1mag Separation=7.2 deg, PA=99.7, h=5.0”

Monday 12. December 2039
3.9h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.1mag Separation=9.7 deg, PA=117.5, h=5.0”

Wednesday 14. December 2039
5.9h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.6mag Separation=9.3 deg, PA=104.6, h=5.1”

Monday 5. November 2040
18.4h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.5mag Separation=3.8 deg, PA=106.0, h=5.0”

Wednesday 7. November 2040
20.3h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.1mag Separation=4.8 deg, PA=87.8, h=5.0”

Friday 30. November 2040
3.4h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.8mag Separation=7.6 deg, PA=122.2, h=5.0”

Monday 3. December 2040
6.2h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.9mag Separation=8.9 deg, PA=102.0, h=5.1”

Friday 28. December 2040
2.0h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -1.9mag Separation=7.6 deg, PA=123.8, h=5.0”

Thursday 24. January 2041
0.0h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=8.5 deg, PA=116.4, h=5.0”

Friday 25. January 2041
10h36.2m Moon “Immersion of Jupiter, -2.1mag PA=99.7, h=19.1 (bright limb)”
11h41.2m Moon “Emersion of Jupiter, -2.1mag PA=306.1, h=3.2 (dark limb)”

Wednesday 20. February 2041
22.7h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.3mag Separation=7.4 deg, PA=117.0, h=5.0”

Thursday 21. February 2041
0.8h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.5mag Separation=0.4 deg, PA=39.9, h=43.0”

Tuesday 19. March 2041
20.8h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.4mag Separation=9.4 deg, PA=116.5, h=5.0”

Wednesday 20. March 2041
6.5h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.4mag Separation=1.0 deg, PA=28.5, h=20.3”

Wednesday 1. May 2041
19.2h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.7mag Separation=4.9 deg, PA=66.5, h=5.0”

Monday 13. May 2041
3.8h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.5mag Separation=4.8 deg, PA=108.0, h=5.0”
22.1h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.4mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=225.7, h=76.5”

Sunday 7. July 2041
0.1h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.8mag Separation=2.6 deg, PA=100.7, h=5.0”
0.4h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.1mag Separation=6.2 deg, PA=117.0, h=5.0”

Saturday 3. August 2041
12.3h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.8mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=35.0, h=22.6”
22.7h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.0mag Separation=1.8 deg, PA=108.7, h=5.0”

Friday 30. August 2041
20.7h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.8mag Separation=2.7 deg, PA=90.0, h=5.0”

Saturday 31. August 2041
14.7h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -1.8mag Separation=0.4 deg, PA=46.3, h=71.0”

Wednesday 23. October 2041
5.3h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.7mag Separation=4.8 deg, PA=122.9, h=5.0”
5.4h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=5.4 deg, PA=126.5, h=5.0”

Wednesday 5. February 2042
6.6h Moon “Close to Mars, -1.2mag Separation=4.0 deg, PA=107.9, h=5.0”

Friday 21. March 2042
13.4h Moon “Close to Mercury, -1.1mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=312.0, h=67.3”

Sunday 23. March 2042
8h24.5m Moon “Immersion of Venus, -3.9mag PA=1.0, h=11.9 (dark limb)”
9h00.7m Moon “Emersion of Venus, -3.9mag PA=290.3, h=20.9 (bright limb)”

Sunday 12. October 2042
5.5h Moon “Close to Mercury, -1.0mag Separation=6.7 deg, PA=116.5, h=5.0”

Wednesday 11. March 2043
15h22.0m Moon “Immersion of Mercury, -1.7mag PA=93.3, h=45.0 (dark limb)”
16h19.0m Moon “Emersion of Mercury, -1.7mag PA=182.3, h=31.1 (dark limb)”

Tuesday 7. April 2043
4.8h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=6.1 deg, PA=51.5, h=5.0”

Saturday 11. April 2043
8.9h Moon “Close to Mercury, 0.7mag Separation=0.5 deg, PA=325.6, h=22.2”

Friday 4. September 2043
11.6h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=49.5, h=71.6”

Tuesday 24. November 2043
1.3h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.0mag Separation=5.2 deg, PA=116.3, h=5.0”

Sunday 3. January 2044
20.5h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.0mag Separation=2.4 deg, PA=52.6, h=5.0”

Monday 29. February 2044
13.3h Moon “Close to Mercury, -1.5mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=126.6, h=76.4”

Friday 1. April 2044
21.0h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.5mag Separation=3.6 deg, PA=87.5, h=5.0”

Saturday 30. April 2044
14.6h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.5mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=167.2, h=67.2”

Thursday 19. January 2045
19.1h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.0mag Separation=1.9 deg, PA=50.3, h=5.0”

Thursday 2. February 2045
22h43.9m Moon “Immersion of Uranus, 5.3mag PA=158.1, h=51.0 (bright limb)”
23h51.0m Moon “Emersion of Uranus, 5.3mag PA=270.5, h=66.8 (dark limb)”

Thursday 16. February 2045
16.9h Moon “Close to Venus, -3.9mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=143.8, h=15.2”

Thursday 16. March 2045
14.0h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.0mag Separation=0.4 deg, PA=138.9, h=38.0”

Tuesday 25. April 2045
23.2h Moon “Close to Uranus, 5.4mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=37.6, h=37.7”

Friday 8. September 2045
4.3h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.7mag Separation=6.7 deg, PA=113.2, h=5.0”

Friday 2. November 2046
21.7h Moon “Close to Mars, 0.8mag Separation=4.2 deg, PA=80.8, h=5.0”

Sunday 21. July 2047
5.4h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.7mag Separation=5.4 deg, PA=111.2, h=5.0”

Tuesday 17. December 2047
18.5h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.5mag Separation=4.0 deg, PA=73.6, h=5.0”

Tuesday 11. February 2048
5.0h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=0.4 deg, PA=358.7, h=13.9”

Wednesday 12. February 2048
15h17.9m Moon “Emersion of Mercury, 0.5mag PA=234.6, h=22.0 (dark limb)”

Monday 9. March 2048
2.7h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.6mag Separation=5.8 deg, PA=78.9, h=5.0”

Thursday 30. April 2048
21.5h Moon “Close to Mars, -1.2mag Separation=7.1 deg, PA=86.5, h=5.0”

Sunday 3. May 2048
8.7h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.4mag Separation=0.7 deg, PA=155.7, h=25.6”

Wednesday 27. May 2048
19.4h Moon “Close to Mars, -2.1mag Separation=9.7 deg, PA=94.1, h=5.0”

Friday 29. May 2048
21.4h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.2mag Separation=7.9 deg, PA=82.3, h=5.0”

Friday 26. June 2048
21.8h Moon “Close to Saturn, 0.1mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=174.2, h=37.1”

Friday 10. July 2048
6.0h Moon “Close to Mercury, -1.2mag Separation=0.6 deg, PA=356.6, h=8.4”

Tuesday 29. September 2048
0.0h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.4mag Separation=7.8 deg, PA=93.7, h=5.0”

Tuesday 27. October 2048
5.4h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.6mag Separation=0.3 deg, PA=16.3, h=63.0”

Saturday 16. January 2049
3.8h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.7mag Separation=2.3 deg, PA=89.2, h=5.0”

Friday 12. February 2049
2.0h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.5mag Separation=4.7 deg, PA=88.8, h=5.0”

Thursday 11. March 2049
22.0h Moon “Close to Jupiter, -2.3mag Separation=0.4 deg, PA=14.1, h=35.6”

Tuesday 18. January 2050
2.7h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.4mag Separation=9.8 deg, PA=94.7, h=5.0”

Sunday 21. August 2050
20.7h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.4mag Separation=1.6 deg, PA=96.1, h=5.0”

Friday 11. November 2050
4.3h Moon “Close to Venus, -4.6mag Separation=7.3 deg, PA=104.7, h=5.0”

Thursday 16. February 2051
12.0h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.0mag Separation=0.8 deg, PA=337.2, h=18.8”

Thursday 5. October 2051
18.5h Moon “Close to Mercury, -0.5mag Separation=5.7 deg, PA=104.4, h=5.0”

Thursday 2. November 2051
5.6h Moon “Close to Mars, 1.8mag Separation=0.7 deg, PA=21.7, h=9.1”