Lunar Occultations with Bright Stars

The following list shows the dates and local time (immersion and emersion) of the rare phenomena of Moon occulting a bright star (>Mag 3.5) from BSB, Brunei Darussalam for Year 2020 until 2029:

Local Date & TimeLunar Occultation with bright stars (<Mag 3.5)
Mon, 2020-Oct-19 19:27Occultation of Graffias, immersion
Mon, 2020-Oct-19 20:16Occultation of Graffias, emersion
Thu, 2020-Nov-05 23:51Occultation of Mebsuta, immersion
Fri, 2020-Nov-06 00:51Occultation of Mebsuta, emersion
Tue, 2021-Jan-26 21:18Occultation of Mebsuta, immersion
Tue, 2021-Jan-26 22:55Occultation of Mebsuta, emersion
Sat, 2021-Feb-06 06:06Occultation of Graffias, immersion
Sat, 2021-Feb-06 07:35Occultation of Graffias, emersion
Sun, 2021-Apr-04 01:46Occultation of Kaus Borealis, immersion
Sun, 2021-Apr-04 02:26Occultation of Kaus Borealis, emersion
Sat, 2021-Apr-17 21:29Occultation of Mars, immersion
Sat, 2021-Apr-17 22:33Occultation of Mars, emersion
Wed, 2022-Jun-15 20:59Occultation of Phi Sgr, immersion
Wed, 2022-Jun-15 21:34Occultation of Phi Sgr, emersion
Wed, 2023-Jan-18 04:30Occultation of Dschubba, immersion
Wed, 2023-Jan-18 05:37Occultation of Dschubba, emersion
Fri, 2023-Mar-24 20:05Occultation of Venus, immersion
Fri, 2023-Mar-24 20:33Occultation of Venus, emersion
Thu, 2023-Apr-13 02:03Appulse of Tau Sgr
Tue, 2023-Jul-04 02:15Occultation of Tau Sgr, immersion
Tue, 2023-Jul-04 03:20Occultation of Tau Sgr, emersion
Wed, 2023-Oct-18 19:36Occultation of Alniyat, immersion
Wed, 2023-Oct-18 20:39Occultation of Alniyat, emersion
Fri, 2023-Nov-17 19:35Appulse of Tau Sgr
Mon, 2024-Feb-05 03:22Occultation of Alniyat, immersion
Mon, 2024-Feb-05 04:31Occultation of Alniyat, emersion
Sat, 2024-Apr-27 05:33Occultation of Antares, immersion
Sat, 2024-Apr-27 06:35Occultation of Antares, emersion
Tue, 2024-Jul-30 04:16Occultation of Alcyone, immersion
Tue, 2024-Jul-30 05:32Occultation of Alcyone, emersion
Sat, 2024-Aug-10 19:23Occultation of Spica, immersion
Sat, 2024-Aug-10 20:38Occultation of Spica, emersion
Thu, 2024-Oct-10 23:14Occultation of Tau Sgr, immersion
Fri, 2024-Oct-11 00:02Occultation of Tau Sgr, emersion
Mon, 2024-Nov-18 05:55Occultation of Al Nath, immersion
Mon, 2024-Nov-18 06:39Occultation of Al Nath, emersion
Sun, 2025-Jan-12 00:42Occultation of Al Nath, immersion
Sun, 2025-Jan-12 01:57Occultation of Al Nath, emersion
Thu, 2025-Apr-03 19:19Occultation of Al Nath, immersion
Thu, 2025-Apr-03 20:19Occultation of Al Nath, emersion
Thu, 2025-Jul-10 19:50Occultation of Tau Sgr, immersion
Thu, 2025-Jul-10 21:03Occultation of Tau Sgr, emersion
Sun, 2025-Aug-03 20:18Occultation of Pi Sco, immersion
Sun, 2025-Aug-03 22:03Occultation of Pi Sco, emersion
Sun, 2025-Oct-12 01:00Occultation of Al Nath, immersion
Sun, 2025-Oct-12 02:17Occultation of Al Nath, emersion
Fri, 2025-Dec-05 21:20Occultation of Al Nath, immersion
Fri, 2025-Dec-05 21:53Occultation of Al Nath, emersion
Sun, 2026-May-31 04:37Occultation of Pi Sco, immersion
Sun, 2026-May-31 05:25Occultation of Pi Sco, emersion
Sat, 2026-Oct-17 18:52Occultation of Phi Sgr, immersion
Sat, 2026-Oct-17 20:03Occultation of Phi Sgr, emersion
Tue, 2027-Aug-10 21:21Occultation of Pi Sco, immersion
Tue, 2027-Aug-10 22:42Occultation of Pi Sco, emersion
Wed, 2027-Nov-17 21:05Occultation of Mebsuta, immersion
Wed, 2027-Nov-17 21:54Occultation of Mebsuta, emersion
Sat, 2028-Jan-22 03:02Appulse of Alniyat
Tue, 2028-Jun-06 20:29Occultation of Alniyat, immersion
Tue, 2028-Jun-06 21:51Occultation of Alniyat, emersion
Fri, 2028-Jun-09 02:32Occultation of Kaus Borealis, immersion
Fri, 2028-Jun-09 03:12Occultation of Kaus Borealis, emersion
Tue, 2028-Jul-18 02:21Occultation of Alcyone, immersion
Tue, 2028-Jul-18 03:18Occultation of Alcyone, emersion
Sun, 2028-Oct-08 00:23Occultation of Alcyone, immersion
Sun, 2028-Oct-08 01:40Occultation of Alcyone, emersion
Fri, 2028-Dec-29 00:17Occultation of Alcyone, immersion
Fri, 2028-Dec-29 01:29Occultation of Alcyone, emersion
Sun, 2029-Jul-22 19:48Occultation of Theta Oph, immersion
Sun, 2029-Jul-22 20:41Occultation of Theta Oph, emersion