Sighting of New Moon of Syawal 1440H/2019

​Syar’ie Judges and Syariah Courts officers, State Judiciary Department, Prime Minister’s Office together with officers from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Survey Department, Ministry of Development and the State Mufti Department will be at several set locations for the sighting of the new moon of Syawal 1440 Hijrah on Tuesday, 29th Ramadan 1440 Hijrah corresponding to the 4th of June 2019.

In the Brunei Muara District the location is at DST Tower, DST Headquarters building, Tungku Highway; Bukit Agok in Jerudong and Tanjung Batu in Kampung Sabun. Meanwhile in Belait District the sighting will take place at Bukit Lumut and Bukit Amboq in Tutong District. The announcement of the 1st of Syawal will be broadcast through Radio Television Brunei sas soon as the results of the sighting that afternoon has been received by the relevant parties. The public are advised to give their cooperation by not approaching the locations mentioned.

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