Astronomy & Falak Syarie in Brunei Darussalam

Bandar Seri Begawan – On May 28 every year, at 5:16 pm local Brunei time (09:16 UT), the sun will be precisely overhead (at Zenith) in Makkah and exactly above the Kaabah. At that instance, the Sun in other areas will be directly aligned to the direction of Kiblat.

This phenomenon known as istiwa adzam is useful as an easy Islamic astronomical method to determine the exact direction of prayers (Kiblat) where only half part of the world that receives the daylight can apply this method.

Above: Facing about west of Brunei, the method of determining the Kiblat using the shadow of vertical column during the β€œistiwa adzam” in Makkah.
Light areas of the world  (daylight) will be able determine the Kiblat using the sun on May 28 at 5.18 pm Brunei Time.
Lighted areas of the world where experiencing daylight will be able determine the Kiblat using the sun on May 28 at 5.16 pm Brunei Time.

Follow these simple steps to check and correct the Kiblat from your area:

1. You must use a straight objects such as a pole or side of the house. It must be vertical which must be checked with a weight tied to a thread (plumbline).

2. The object must not be in places under shade, such as under a tree or in the house. It must be placed in areas that receive direct sunlight, for example, in a spacious yard.

3. At exactly 5:16 pm May 28 (Brunei Time), the shadow’s line produced by the sun is the Kiblat direction which is facing toward the sun.

In a year, the sun will be directly above the Kaabah twice, on every 28th May at 5:16 pm and again on July 16th at 5:28 pm Brunei time.

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