Announcement: Telescopes for All 2022

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Announcement: Telescopes for All 2022

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The Telescopes for All project, which brings astronomy to underserved communities around the world, is now welcoming proposals for 2022. The initiative is run jointly by the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO) and Sterren Schitteren Voor Iedereen (Stars Shine for Everyone — SSVI), in collaboration with Leiden University. Details about the requirements for proposals and the submission process are available on the Telescopes for All webpage.

In 2022 Telescopes for All will distribute 15 telescopes to underserved communities around the world, with the aim of broadening the horizons of children, parents and educators by sparking an interest in science. Each telescope is signed by inspirational people in the field of astronomy, including astronauts, Nobel laureates, and scientists. The project also raises awareness of the importance of equal opportunities in pursuing a career in astronomy.

Over past years Telescopes for All has supplied telescopes to 29 communities across five continents. The recipient communities included children in rural areas of Tunisia, migrants and refugees in Spain, and children with hearing and visual impairments in Indonesia and Nepal.

Proposals and letters of recommendation for the 2022 Telescopes for All should be submitted to the OAO by the deadline of 1 June 2022. All submitted proposals will be evaluated by representatives of the IAU OAO, SSVI and Leiden University. The selected entries will be sent to the IAU National Outreach Coordinators of each se
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