Muslim Golden Age Muslimah in Astronomy

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Muslim Golden Age Muslimah in Astronomy

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This week marks World Space Week declared at the UN General Assembly in 1999. World Space Week 2021 celebrates “Women in Space”.

During the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation, pioneer muslimah played important roles in advancing their societies through remarkable contributions in astronomy namely Maryam Al Asthurlabiy and Fatima Al-Majriti.

Maryam Al 'Ijliyah Al Asthurlabiy
Master Astrolabe Maker in the 10th Century
Mariam Al-Ijliyah Al-Asturlabi, master maker of the astrolabe from Aleppo. The instrument told the time during the day or night, helped people navigate on land and also identified stars as they rose in the east. In the Islamic Golden Age, astrolabes were widely used to determine the qibla, the prayer direction towards Mecca, as well as to pinpoint prayer timings with the movement of the sun.
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Fatima Al-Majriti
Muslim woman astronomer who made history in 10th - 11th Century
She was the daughter of the astronomer and scientist at large Maslama alMayriti. She wrote several works, which are known as “Corrections from Fatima”, corrected “The Astronomical Tables of al-Khwarizmi”, worked on calendars, calculations of the true positions of the Sun, the Moon and the planets, tables of sine and tangents, spherical astronomy, astrological tables, parallaxes calculations, eclipses and Moon visibility
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