Brunei to See Partial Solar Eclipse on March 9 2016

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By Hazarry Hj Ali Ahmad


What happens during a partial solar eclipse?

A perfect  alignment of the Earth-Moon-Sun bodies is required for a solar eclipse to occur. As seen from a location on Earth, a solar eclipse happens when the moon moves in front of the Sun thus block the Solar Disk. A simulation of the partial Solar Eclipse as seen from Brunei in the morning of March 9, 2016 is shown in the video above. Since we will only witness the partial obscuration of the sun by the moon, features that are normally visible during totality such as corona and darkening of the sky/surrounding will not be observable from Brunei.
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2015 Apr 04 Brunei Observes Celestial Spectacle: Century’s Shortest Total Eclipse of the Moon

Bandar Seri Begawan  (2015 April 04) – Sky gazers and eclipse watchers gathered in the evening at Dermaga Diraja in the capital to observe the full eclipse of the Moon. The event was co-organised by Sultan Sharif´Ali Islamic University (UNISSA), Survey Deparment and the Astronomical Society of Brunei Darussalam.

Despite the weather was partly cloudy, most of the eclipse stages were observable from moon rise, at about 7 pm, till the end of partial phase, at 9.45 pm.

Totality’s duration was less than 5 minutes that made this phenomenon as the briefest sight of totality in the 21st century.

Total Lunar Eclipse
A Total Lunar Eclipse from Brunei

More spectacular photos of the eclipse posted on the social media by local Bruneian photographers with #bruneieclipse

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During the Lunar Eclipse, a Sunat Gerhana Prayer was performed at the nearby surau as a recommended prayer (salatul-kusuf) in congregation. Public talks on the Scientific and Islamic perspectives of the eclipse and its significant were also delivered by Haji Julaihi bin Hj Lamat of Survey Department and Dr Sayyed Abdul Hamid al-Mahdaly from UNISSA.

Present during the event were the  co-chairperson, Dr Haji Norarfan bin Haji Zainal  (UNISSA’s Rektor) and Hj Julaihi bin Haji Lamat (Survey  Department).

PABD wishes to thank all working committees of UNISSA and Survey Department for your hard work making this event possible, and non-stop huge responses from members of the public for the continuous support.


RTB NEWS AT 10: Moon Eclipse Observation

Moon Eclipse Observation on RTB News at 10. Source: Radio Television Brunei

People in Brunei Darussalam had the opportunity to watch an astronomical phenomenon – the Eclipse of the Moon. The total eclipse occurred for four minutes between 7:58 to 8:02 last night. The observation was conducted by the Brunei Darussalam Astronomy Association with the cooperation of the Survey Department and the Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, UNISSA.

The Royal Wharf in the capital became the observation centre for people to witness the phenomenon. Several telescopes were provided by the organisers to allow members of the public to gaze at the lunar eclipse in good weather. The phenomenon occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up causing the Moon to pass through the Earth’s shadow. The brief spectacle was also seen in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand as well as western North America. A partial lunar eclipse is predicted to occur in August 2017

Shortest Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century Visible Saturday 04 April 2015

Total Eclipse of the Moon

Bandar Seri Begawan – People in this country will have a rare opportunity to watch an astronomical phenomenon, a total lunar eclipse, on the evening of this Saturday, April 4th, 2015.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth and being in the Earth’s dark shadow known as Umbra. Such occurrence is rare when the Sun, Earth and Moon are exactly aligned with the Earth being precisely in the middle.

Above: Phases of the eclipse and local lunar circumstances as the Moon passes the Earth's shadow on April 4, 2015, from Brunei.
Above: Phases of the eclipse and local lunar circumstances as the Moon passes the Earth’s shadow on April 4, 2015, from Brunei.


This great natural phenomenon is also observed by many region around the globe such as Asia, Australia, Pacific, North and South America.

In Brunei, the lunar eclipse will be first observed after the moon rise at 6:22 pm. If the evening sky is clear, eclipse watchers will see the full moon is partially obscured by the Earth’s shadows.

At 7:58 pm, it will be a very spectacular astronomical event as the entire moon will pass through the dark earth`s shadow known as the Umbra. During totality, eclipse observers will notice the full moon to completely darken and likely will turn to coppery red colour. Continue reading “Shortest Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century Visible Saturday 04 April 2015”

Meeting Discusses Collaborative Efforts during Upcoming Lunar Eclipse Activities

Bandar Seri Begawan – A meeting was held in UNISSA in late afternoon on March 21, 2015, to discuss activities during the upcoming lunar eclipse. Present at the meeting were Hazarry (General Secretary), Hj Julaihi (Deputy Secretary I) , Pg Shahdani (Deputy Secretary II), Saifulbahri (Exco) of PABD and officals from UNISSA and Survey Deparment.

The meeting was led by Dr Haji Norarfan bin Haji Zainal(Rektor UNISSA/PABD)  as the chaiperson and members discussed the working paper proposal and delegation of tasks for the event. One of the main programmes is eclipse observation for public which will be organised by the PABD in collaboration with Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) and Survey Department.

The proposal is available here.

More infomation on the upcoming lunar eclipse observation will be made available as soon as the venue and event is confirmed.

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‘Blood moon’ awes stargazers

Partially eclipsed moon during the lunar eclipse on Oct 8, 2014 - Photo by Hazarry bin Haji Ali Ahmad
Partially eclipsed moon during the lunar eclipse on Oct 8, 2014 – Photo by Hazarry bin Haji Ali Ahmad

STARGAZERS in the Americas and Asia were treated to a lunar eclipse Wednesday, a celestial show that bathed the moon in a reddish tint to create a “blood moon”.

In Brunei Darussalam, however, stargazers were disappointed not to catch the spectacle as clouds hindered the view of the eclipse.

The phenomenon can only been witness for a few minutes when the  moon was in between the clouds.