PABD holds Practical Moon Sighting

Bandar Seri Begawan – Members of the Astronomical Society of Brunei Darussalam were at Bukit Agok, Tutong, for a practical session to look for the new crescent moon (hilal ~11 hour old) this evening of Sunday, May 5th in anticipation of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

Members had the opportunities to learn setting up telescopes properly, scopes alignment to the sun or other bright objects, photographing and tracking the new moon. The western sky was pretty clear at sunset, and a sunspot was also visible on the sun.

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New Moon Sighting for Syawal 1439H Explained

Bandar Seri Begawan – There is another chance to break the national record for the youngest moon crescent on June 14, 2018 during the upcoming moon crescent observation for Syawal 1439H.

See explanation below:

Infographic of Syawal 1439H New Moon Sighting
Infographic of Syawal 1439H New Moon Sighting

Reminder: This is only a computational analysis data. The result/declaration of the sighting will be announced through official media by the government.

New techniques for moon sighting explained

By Abdul Hakiim Yakof

Borneo Bulletin – TWO working papers on the use of modern technology for the sighting of crescent moon (Hilal) were presented during the Falak Syar’ie parallel session at The Rizqun International Hotel, Gadong yesterday.

The parallel session was part of the 14th Southeast Asia Survey Congress (SEASC) 2017 organised by the Ministry of Development’s Survey Department, in collaboration with the Brunei Institution of Geomatics (BIG), under the auspices of the Asean Federation of Land and Geomatics Survey (AFLAG). Continue reading “New techniques for moon sighting explained”

New Criterion for Lunar Crescent Visibility

By MOHAMMAD SH. ODEH, Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS), P.O. Box 141568, Amman 11814, Jordan (e-mail:  (Received 12 May 2005; accepted 19 September 2005)

Abstract. A new criterion for lunar crescent visibility has been established using 737 observations, almost half of them obtained by the Islamic Crescent Observation Project (ICOP). This criterion is based on two variables, viz. the topocentric arc of vision and the topocentric crescent width. The new model is able to predict the visibility of the lunar crescent both for naked eye and optically aided observations. From the database we found a Danjon limit of 6.4 degrees.

Introduction The lunar crescent visibility has been studied by many astronomers since the Babylonian era, with as a result currently more than 12 different criteria for lunar crescent visibility, based on a number of sightings in different lunar conditions. Many of these criteria were developed by Islamic astronomers, since a number of Islamic religiouseventsaredirectlyrelatedtolunarcrescentsighting.Forexample,thenew Lunar (Hijric) month begins on the next day of sighting the new crescent at west after sunset.

Download HERE New Criterion Crescent.pdf

2011 Aug 30 Brunei Sight Syawal Cresent 1432

Bandar Seri Begawan – The astronomical Society of Brunei Darussalam (PABD) carried out the moon crescent observation at Agok Hill in the afternoon. The weather was very cloudy and the moon crescent was only observed for a few minutes from 18:55 local time through telescopes, binocular and naked eyes.

The 31-hour-old new moon crescent visible through a telescope at 18:55 local time from Bukit Agok, August 30, 2011.
The 31-hour-old new moon crescent visible through a telescope at 18:55 local time from Bukit Agok, August 30, 2011.

A few minutes before the sunset. The weather condition was partly cloudy.
A few minutes before the sunset. The weather condition was partly cloudy.

Present at the observation were Pengiran Shahdani (Vice President II), Awang Hj Mohamad Azri (Exco) and 4 other members.

The result of the observation was submitted to Islamic Crescents’ Observation Project (ICOP). See worldwide observation result here.

Assigned vantage points throughout the country could sight the new moon of Syawal 1432 H. The official announcement of the sighting was also made on TV and Radio and Brunei Darussalam starts Aidilfitri tommorrow, 31 August 2011.