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Senarai Nama Ahli PABD / List of names of PABD’s members.


Name / NamaHome District / Daerah Tempat TinggalEntry Date
Hazarry bin Hj Ali AhmadTutong2018-07-15 16:39:44
Hj Shahrul Azrimin Bin Hj BidinTutong2018-07-15 21:33:21
Muna Zahirah Binti MarsidiBrunei Muara2018-07-16 08:55:39
MOHAMMAD HUSAINI BIN ALI HASSANBrunei Muara2018-07-17 20:47:14
Dr Haji Mohammed Hussain bin Pehin Penyurat Haji AhmadBrunei Muara2018-07-18 06:48:58
Dr Haji Mohammed Hussain bin Pehin Penyurat Haji AhmadBrunei Muara2018-07-18 07:54:59
PG SHAHDANI BIN PG ANOMBrunei Muara2018-07-18 08:09:52
Nor Amalina Binti HasnanBrunei Muara2018-07-18 09:32:16
Hayatti RahgeniBrunei Muara2018-07-18 11:08:39
Mohamad Fadhilullah Tudun Bin Haji HassanBrunei Muara2018-07-18 13:16:44
Hj Mahadi bin Hj Mohd TahirBrunei Muara2018-07-19 11:32:43
Mohd Yussof Bin Mohd NoorBrunei Muara2018-07-19 11:42:50
Abdul Waliyuddin bin YahyaBrunei Muara2018-07-19 11:59:33
Dr Haji Norarfan bin Haji ZainalBrunei Muara2018-07-19 16:50:31
Haji Abdul Aziz bin Haji AkopTutong2018-07-19 21:20:06
Shaifulbahri bin Haji AhmadBrunei Muara2018-07-20 10:48:26
Pengiran Khairil Sapyri Pengiran Haji HassanBrunei Muara2018-07-20 17:40:33
Mohammad Omar bin Haji IbrahimBrunei Muara2018-07-21 17:11:32


Old Members Entries  (before July 2018) – please activate

If your status is marked as PENDING, you have not submitted your updated details / re-registered.  Please register to re-activate your membership  via 

Name Date Registered [Membership Status] (Remarks Membership)
1 Awang Haji Mahadi bin Mohd Tahir 2-Jan-03 [Pending] (Exco Ahli Biasa PABD )
2 Ustaz Johar bin Haji Mohamad 2-Jan-03 [Pending] (Exco Ahli Biasa PABD )
3 Hazarry Haji Ali Ahmad 2-Jan-03 [Active] (Exco Ahli Biasa PABD )
4 Awang Haji Mohamad Azri bin Haji Awang Ibrahim 2-Jan-03 [Pending] (Exco Ahli Biasa PABD )
5 Awang Haji Julaihi bin Haji Lamat 2-Jan-03 [Pending] (Exco Ahli Biasa PABD )
6 Ustaz Haji Abdul Aziz bin Haji Akop 2-Jan-03 [Pending] (Exco Ahli Biasa PABD )
7 Awang Zulkifli bin Hj Ahmad 2-Jan-03 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
8 Ustaz Zulkifli bin Haji Murad 2-Jan-03 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
9 Awang Haji Masmin bin Haji Othman 2-Jan-03 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
10 Awang Haji Norariffin bin Haji Abdullah 2-Jan-03 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
11 Awang Mohd Adina Kamarullah bin Hj Pandin 2-Jan-03 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
12 Dayangku Hartyana Pengiran Haji Osman 2-Jan-03 [Pending] (Exco Ahli Biasa PABD )
13 Pengiran Shahdani Bin Pengiran Anom 4-Jun-03 [Active] (Exco Ahli Biasa PABD )
14 Dayang Zalifah Aswana Talip 28-Aug-03 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
15 Siti Buhairafairuz Haji Abdullah 30-Aug-03 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
16 Mohamad Sharefful bin Adenan 17-Sep-03 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
17 Dr Haji Mohammed Hussain bin Pehin Penyurat Haji Ahmad 4-Nov-03 [Active] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
18 Dr Norarfan bin Haji Zainal 4-Nov-03 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
19 Dayang Norjulaika Mariatul Bte Haji Abdul Jame 14-Apr-04 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
20 Md Raizal Hj Mohammad [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
21 Dayangku Siti Munirah Pg Haji Damit 17-Apr-04 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
22 Chin Mee Lein 19-Apr-04 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
23 Awangku Haji Kamarurudzlai bin Pengiran Haji Mohamad 8-Jun-04 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
24 Awangku Omarali bin Pengiran Muslim 8-Jun-04 [Pending] (Exco Ahli Biasa PABD )
25 Daud bin Jihan 8-Jun-04 [Pending] (Exco Ahli Biasa PABD )
26 Mohamad Suzyreen bin Haji Suhaili 8-Jun-04 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
27 Mohammad Nooryasdie Yahya 8-Jun-04 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
28 Mohammad Shah Rani bin Haji Mataha 8-Jun-04 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
29 Shahri bin Haji Husain 8-Jun-04 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
30 Saifulbahri bin Haji Ahmad 18-Jul-04 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
31 Dayangku Ratna Suria Pengiran Dato Haji Hamzad 28-May-05 [Pending] (Exco Ahli Biasa PABD )
32 Dr Sallimah bte Haji Mohd Salleh 3-Oct-05 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
33 Pengiran Hamiosmera bin Pengiran Haji Othman 3-Oct-05 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
34 Ak Muhd Faez bin Pg Nordin 22-Nov-05 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD – Meninggal Dunia 2011)
35 Muhammad Danial Hakim Hj Abd Wahab 6-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
36 Mr Gabriel Yong 10-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
37 Hazmic bin Hasnal 14-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
38 Lim Ren Fah 14-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
39 Mohd. Safwan Mustaqiim bin Abdul Kahar 14-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
40 Muhd Badzli Afiq bin Muhd Eddy 14-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
41 Nur’ Iffah Mustaqiimah Bte Abd Kahar 14-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
42 Nurbazilah Afiqah bte Muhd Eddy 14-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
43 Nurul Ain bte Haji Abdul Ghani 14-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
44 Saedah bte Hasnal 14-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
45 Siti Wardah bte Hj Abdul Ghani 14-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
46 Salmah bte Haji Muhammad 15-Jun-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa PABD)
47 Norafizah Haji Ali 9-Jul-06 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
48 Dayang Siti Nor Izuana binti Ayob 20-Mar-07 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar PABD)
49 Miftachul Hadi 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
50 Muhammad Mirza Irsyaduddin bin Mohd Yusof 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
51 HJ SHAHRUL AZRIMIN BIN HJ BIDIN 29-Apr-15 [Active] ( Ahli Biasa)
52 Hafiz Bin Ramli 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
53 Haadii Syahirunnisaa Bte Haidi 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
54 IRWAN BIN HAJI ABU BAKAR 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
55 Nur Azrinah Binti Omar 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
56 Dk. Nursakinah Intan Nursari Pg. Hj. Sellahuddin 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
57 Muhammad Nurul Haq bin Haji Johar 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
58 MUHAMMAD HIDAYATULLAH BIN AWANG AHMAD 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
59 Mohd Yussof Bin Mohd Noor 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
60 Rahimah Ibrahim 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
61 Pg Khairil Sapyri Pg Hj Hassan 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
62 Mohammad Omar bin Haji Ibrahim 29-Apr-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
63 Nurul Izyan Anver 1-May-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar)
64 Hjh Siti Faridah binti Hj Ahmad 1-May-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
65 ZIANA MAHMUD 1-May-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
66 Ahmad Ahsan Bin Haji Ibrahim 2-May-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
67 Anwar Abdullah 2-May-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar)
68 Awangku Haji Asmara Laila bin Pengiran Haji Asli 16-Jun-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
69 Nor Amalina Binti Hasnan 05-Nov-15 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
70 Ak Liyaqat Zhahierul Haq bin Pg Hj Zulkarnain 12-Dec-16 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar)
71 Nur Azrinah Omar 18-Feb-17 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
72 NUR FADILLAH UMU HABIBAH BINTI NUDIN 18-May-17 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
73 Nurul Efazilla binti Kafli 26-May-17 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
74 Mohamad Fadhilullah Tudun Bin Haji Hassan 20-Jun-17 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
75 Hayatti Rahgeni 20-Jun-17 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
76 Jessilyn Teh 26-Jan-18 [Pending] ( Ahli Pelajar)
77 ROLANDO FIDEL PINTO 27-Jan-18 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
78 Dr Jeffri Ismail 29-Jan-18 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
79 Muna Zahirah Binti Marsidi 30-Jan-18 [Active] ( Ahli Pelajar)
80 Mohammad Husaini Bin Ali Hassan 10-Jun-18 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)
81 Abdul Waliyuddin Yahya 10-Jun-18 [Pending] ( Ahli Biasa)

Members who are not listed below, please e-mail to the Secretary-General PABD (

As of  14 July 2018

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