PABD Membership Application Form / Borang Permohonan Keahlian PABD


This is for renewal or new registration of PABD Membership. Please take your time toΒ read the PABD’s Constitution and Regulations HERE carefully before applying for your membership.


NOTE: Information about Memberships, Registration and Other Fees

Registration Fees and Annual Fees are as follows:
Membership Registration Fees (One Time) Annual Fees
(a) Ordinary B$15.00 B$15.00
(b) Student (18 yrs old or below) B$5.00 B$5.00
(c) Corporate To be determined by the Executive Committee Members To be determined by the Executive Committee Members
(d) Honorary B$50.00 Exempted

Seperti dalam Kad Pintar / As appear on your Smart ID
Please upload your photo image file, preferably with a light background, this is for your membership card.
eg. 00-123456
For applicant under 18 years old please fill in the following / Untuk pemohon yang di bawah umur 18 tahun sila lengkapkan berikut:
reCAPTCHA is required.