2020 Apr 17 A Spectacular Cosmic Parade

Bandar Seri Begawan – Three planets and moon all aligned and visible to the naked eyes before dawn today, Friday, April 17, 2020. Here are some amazing moments caught by stargazers around Brunei:

[1] Very bright Jupiter at top, Saturn in the middle, Mars at bottom with the Moon below it, plus vividly milky way background (Photo by Hazarry @zrryahmad of PABD from Keriam, Tutong)

[2] A prologue to the Lyrids meteor shower peaks, a small shooting star streak was caught on camera during the planetary alignment today (Photo by Hazarry @zrryahmad of PABD from Keriam, Tutong)

[3] 23-day old waning Moon crescent at 06.16 am from Gadong (Photo by JT, Nikon Coolpix P900, 428.4mm)

[4] Jupiter and its bright Jovian moons (Photo by Ridzuan HM, Canon EOS 7D/840mm, 1.4x with 600mm)

[5 & 6] Smartphone astrophotos are cool! Rabaah used her Oppo F9 camera to capture the bright planets and the Moon few minutes before sunrise, 5.56 am. Miera Wu captured the planets line up using her Vivo Y12 mobile camera phone from RPN Meragang.

The planets parade is still visible this week in the Southeast direction, at best 2-3 hours before sunrise.

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