2020 Mar 22 Breathtaking view of our Milky Way Galaxy from Brunei

[Equipment: Canon EOS-70D,ISO 2500, 25sec]

How many star patterns and constellations can you identify in this picture?

MB Mazalan bin Zaini, member of Brunei Darussalam Astronomical Society, captured a part of our Milky Way’s centre (luminous band of star) which lies in the Arabic constellation Ar-Rami (The Archer, Sagittarius) during twilight from Bukit Sawat, Belait, Brunei Darussalam today (5.15am, 22 March 2020 corresponding to 27 Rejab 1441H). The star Gumala, IAU new 2019 Brunei proposal, is also visible in Sagittarius.

In order to see the Milky Way with countless stars, you need extremely dark skies, away from the light polluted city such as at Bukit Sawat. For us to continue to experience this starry night, we can act today by supporting to fight light pollution and preserve our dark skies.

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