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February 2016
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  • See 5 bright planets at once February 8, 2016
    First time we can see 5 planets at once since 2005. All 5 are up before dawn, still, and all 5 will remain visible until Mercury disappears in the dawn just after mid-February.
    Bruce McClure
  • Mars’ west quadrature on February 7 February 7, 2016
    At west quadrature on February 7, 2016, the red planet appears 90% illuminated as seen through a telescope. Fantastic time to see Mars is just ahead.
    Bruce McClure
  • February 2016 guide to the 5 bright planets February 5, 2016
    You can see all 5 bright planets - Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter - together in the sky before dawn, through mid-February.
    Bruce McClure
  • How far is Betelgeuse? February 5, 2016
    Finding star distances isn't easy. Here's how it's done, and why astronomers recently modified the distance estimate to the famous star Betelgeuse.
    Larry Sessions
  • Everything you need to know: Groundhog Day 2016 February 2, 2016
    Groundhog Day - a celebration with its roots in astronomy - comes every year on February 2. It's the year's first "cross-quarter" day.
  • Two stars in Scorpius are harbingers of spring February 2, 2016
    Go ahead. Treat yourself to something beautiful, and hopeful: a glimpse of two stars that represented a Pawnee version of Groundhog Day.
    Bruce McClure

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  • This Week’s Sky at a Glance, February 12 – 20 February 12, 2016
    Daily sky events among the ever-changing Moon, planets, stars and constellations, from Sky & Telescope magazine, the essential guide to astronomy. The post This Week’s Sky at a Glance, February 12 – 20 appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
    Alan MacRobert

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