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  • Moon on its way to the eclipse August 17, 2017
    Insights and a cool chart from astronomer Guy Ottewell. Plus, if you click in, you'll find photos of waning crescent moons from the past few mornings ...
    Guy Ottewell
  • Born under the sign of Ophiuchus? August 16, 2017
    Born between November 29 and December 18? If so, the sun passes in front of Ophiuchus on your birthday. Ophiuchus is a constellation – not a sign – of the zodiac.
    Bruce McClure
  • Sunspots during solar eclipse? Probably August 15, 2017
    Add sunspots to the list of wondrous sights to look for during the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.
    Eddie Irizarry
  • Dark Rift in the Milky Way August 14, 2017
    Look edgewise into our galaxy’s disk, and you’ll notice a long, dark lane dividing the bright starry band of the Milky Way. This Dark Rift is a place where new stars are forming.
    Bruce McClure
  • Big asteroid to sweep close September 1 August 13, 2017
    Named for Florence Nightingale, asteroid 3122 Florence is the biggest near-Earth object to pass this close since this category of objects was discovered over a century ago! It might be visible in binoculars.
    Eddie Irizarry
  • See it! 2017’s Perseid meteor shower August 12, 2017
    Despite a bright moon, the brightest Perseids put on a good show. See photos from the EarthSky community here.
    Deborah Byrd

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  • This Week’s Sky at a Glance, August 11 – 19 August 11, 2017
    The Perseid meteor shower should be at its maximum late Friday and Saturday nights, August 11-12 and 12-13. The post This Week’s Sky at a Glance, August 11 – 19 appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
    Alan MacRobert

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